Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Buhari should step down for Saraki – Primate Ayodele

In the wake of former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to President Muhammad Buhari, Primate Elijah Ayodele, founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, has lent his voice to the call for the President to step aside for a more younger and proactive person to occupy Aso Rock.


The Primate, who said this recently, still reiterated his stand on his previous prophecies that Buhari will not go for second term. In his words: “I said it in my previous prophecies and I say it again, Buhari won’t go for second term.


Obasanjo is correct and I’m here to buttress his letter to the President. I think Buhari should step down for the Senate President, Olusola Saraki. It is only Saraki who can do it better among those that are coming out. If Nigerians can consider Saraki as our next president, that will be very good.


As for me, I have not met Saraki before and I am not saying this to get closer to Saraki or to know him. Getting closer to Saraki is even baseless but I am talking as a prophet.


“We’ve been talking about Buhari’s second term that he will not have it and now Obasanjo has come out boldly to say that he should step down and go and relax. So Obasanjo is trying to confirm what God had spoken to me as far back as 2015. It is Saraki that God showed me and any prophet can challenge it, I’m not bothered but what I am saying is what I’ll keep saying.


“Also I want to appreciate Governor Ambode who has reversed the land use charge and have waved it aside for mosques and churches. I want to say kudos to him because we appealed to him and he listened and I think Ambode is working towards a very successful second term.


I am not saying this to impress him, am just saying it because of what he has done. I also want to beg him to reduce that Lake rice to N2000. He should reduce it to N2000 because that will help him a lot and the people of Lagos but I want to tell Nigerians that we are not politicians and we don’t support any politician.


The thing is Saraki is the one who can make Nigeria better among those who are coming out now.”



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