Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Speed Darlington laments about not sleeping with a woman after he spent $215 on her, and he is asking for help from y’all

Internet sensation Speed Darlington is lamenting after spending money ($215) to take a woman to dinner yet he didn’t even get to “squeeze boobs or anything”, according to him!


The Bang dada dang master shared a video of himself with a Dominican woman he just met and told of his dilemma. He said he feels like a “mumu” and like “shit” because he didn’t get to “f***” her.


He isn’t sure whether to be angry that he spent money and didn’t get to sleep with her or whether he should be happy because good girls “are not suppose to f**k on the 1st date” and he has found a good girl. He’s now asking for his followers’ advice on whether to call her again or just move on.


Read what he wrote below.



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