Friday, July 30, 2021
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London airport shuts down after workers discover a World War II bomb

On Sunday, the London City Airport was closed after construction workers discovered a World War II bomb in the nearby Thames River.


“Following the discovery of a World War II ordnance in King George V Dock as part of planned development works, a 214m exclusion zone has been implemented. As a result, London City Airport is currently closed” the airport said in a statement.


Metropolitan police were called after the bomb was revealed. The Royal Navy was also deployed to the scene and confirmed the nature of the bomb, the police reported.


“The airport is cooperating fully with the Met Police, Royal Navy and London Borough of Newham,” the airport’s statement added.


Operations to remove the bomb are ongoing. The Royal Navy implemented the 214-meter exclusion zone to “ensure that the ordnance can be safely dealt with whilst limiting any risk to the public,” according to Met Police.


London City Airport is an international airport located in the Newham Borough of East London. The area was heavily industrial and highly populated during WWII. The Royal Docks, where the runways are now located, was a main entry point on the Thames River for goods and commerce.


The airport, which is much smaller than London’s Heathrow Airport, caters to business travelers heading to destinations in the UK, Europe and the United States.



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