Friday, May 14, 2021
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Disengagement of innocent civil Servants-Simon

During the campaign towards the 2015 general elections, president Buhari APC led government promised the teeming population of unemployed Nigerians that it will provide two millions job every year, I believe ,this is one of the reasons APC got the support of the majority of Nigerian youths who were already tired of joblessness .But to a particular set of people,the reverse seems to be the case.


There were these set of people who got employed late 2014 and early 2015 into the civil service. Their names had been enlisted in the IPPIS and they have been receiving salaries since 2015.

But now, they are being disengaged of their services and their names being removed from IPPIS. This situation is very demoralizing and it’s killing the hope and the joy of those who are already happy of their employment status, even though, the ministry salary structure is more or less of a poverty alleviation program. Half bread, they say, is better than none.


The reason giving for this action by the immediate former chairman of Federal civil service commission(FCSC) sometime in August 2016 was that the employment was irregular and unauthorized. The whole thing is political. When these people submitted their letter of employment to the ministries, the ministries sent it back to the FCSC for confirmation before any of them can be documented at their respective ministries.


The problem here is that the employment was done by the last administration, then the current administration accused the process of being lopsided. They said it favours some southern part of Nigeria. But what they advised them to do was to balance the issue of federal character in the subsequent employments.
President Buhari, please do not allow those who work with you to create more enemies for you in that part of Nigeria and use all kind of dirty politics to send more people into militancy. The hardship the recession brought upon us is enough for us to think about. Please do not allow FCSC to throw these people back into the labour market. This action is totally against the promised APC gave to the unemployed Nigerians. Look for a way to solve this problem rather than politicizing it. All these people are also Nigerians who deserve employment.


I did not support president Buhari during the 2015 general election, but despite all that Nigeria is passing through now, I do thank God that my preferred candidate did not win that election, because only God knows what would have been the end of Nigeria if we continue with the kind of massive looting and looting with impunity during the last administration. With the current situation of Nigeria, I still believe, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


This was a letter I sent to the Punch sometime in February 2017 but the latest thing I heard is that the appropriate committee in the national assembly has intervened and told the FCSC to choose 40 people from the each affected states, but what are the criteria for choosing these people out of the rest, this action is going to involve a lot of irregularities and we do not expect such from the administration that is fighting corruption. Please president Buhari compel FCSC to settle the issue of federal character with the subsequent employments as advised by well meaning Nigerians and let all the affected people retain thier employment.

The cause of this problem is phenomenon in Nigeria, When a particular administration is leaving, that is when they would start all kind of employments that they did not do for the past four or eight years they have been in the office. This is exactly what president Jonathan did that resulted into an untold hardship for the already tired unemployed victims of this ugly situation.


I just hope president Buhari will do something about it and prevent the reoccurrence of it when his administration is leaving the office by providing genuine employments for the unemployed at the right time in his administration. And if nothing is done about the efficiency of the ministry staff and the ministry salary structure, fighting corruption will just be a mirage among the civil servants in Nigeria and their wish is that the man should just finish his tenure and go back to Daura so that they will be able to continue with their looting.This will never be in the interest of the nation.



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