Monday, September 20, 2021
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Yellow fever spreads to 16 states, kills 45

The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has confirmed that since the re-emergence of Yellow Fever in Nigeria in September 2017, at least 358 suspected cases have been recorded in 16 states where the disease has already led to 45 deaths.


According to a statement, as part of activities to find solution to the outbreak, a total of 25 million people are scheduled to be vaccinated in a campaign that has already begun in three states: Zamfara in the North-East, Kogi in the Central and Kwara and health workers have already been mobilised across the country.


“The country is also strengthening its routine immunisation coverage,” the statement added.


In a related development, the West African Health Organizsation (WAHO), in its efforts to contribute to the capacity building of ECOWAS member states in the area of preparedness and response to epidemics, is supporting the establishment of national emergency management mechanisms for public health emergencies.


To test these mechanisms and procedures in place for the management of major public health events in the ECOWAS region, WAHO is organising a Yellow Fever Simulation Exercise (SIMEX) in Lagos in collaboration with the NCDC.


The purpose of the SIMEX is to provide various partner institutions with a national and regional coordination framework for a multi-sectoral response to a public health emergency. This exercise would focus on an actual and large scale simulation of an epidemic of Yellow Fever..


In addition to checking the viability and compatibility of existing mechanisms in their implementation, this SIMEX would not only enhance awareness among epidemic control managers but also enhance their ability to effectively and timely respond to any Yellow Fever epidemics.



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