Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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President Buhari summons IGP, Ibrahim Idris for flouting his order to remain in Benue

President Buhari yesterday summoned the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to his office to answer a query as to why he disobeyed his order to relocate to Benue shortly after the January 1st massacre that claimed 76 lives.


During his visit to Benue on Monday March 12th, president Buhari disclosed that he was unaware that the police chief did not obey his order to relocate to the state after the attack.


The Inspector-General arrived the Presidential villa last night to explain to President Buhari why he did not remain in Benue state as he directed him to do.


The IG left about 30 minutes after without speaking to anyone.


A statement from the presidency confirming the police boss’s summon reads

”President  Buhari today summoned the Inspector-General of Police to explain his flouting of the presidential order to remain in Benue State. The President has also asked for a comprehensive report on Police Operations in the affected States,after which further decisions will be made. We would like to restate our determination to ensure that the attacks and killings are brought to an end, and perpetrators to justice. President Buhari’s visit to the affected States continues, following the Trips to Taraba and Benue. Next are Yobe, Zamfara and Rivers States”.



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