Monday, September 27, 2021
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Lagos State rescues 52 homeless children from the streets

The Lagos State Government, through the Ministry of Youth and Social Development, has rehabilitated 51 destitute children, including mentally challenged adolescents, picked up from various locations across the metropolis.


The exercise was carried out during an ‘Operation Clear Lagos’ campaign launched recently by the Lagos State Government to address the menace of street begging and ensure that children and vulnerable members of the public are not exposed to any form of security threats.


Commenting on the operation of the Rescue Team, the Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Agboola Dabiri commended the operatives and solicited the support of residents to achieve the desired goal of a total clean up of all acts constituting a public nuisance and a threat to social security.


A breakdown provided by the rescue team revealed that 10 mentally challenged persons, five destitute children, eight children beggars, nine children labour workers, four destitute adults and 15 transgender adult- beggars were evacuated from the streets across all the 20 Local Governments and 37 Local Council Development Areas of the State.


All those rescued during the operation are currently being remanded at rehabilitation and correctional homes in the State based on their age, gender and physical state.



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