Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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President Buhari Angry With Pro-Oyegun Governors

There is no love lost between President Muhammdu Buhari and those canvassing for tenure elongation for members of the APC National Working Committee (NEC).


The President, it was learnt last night, may move against them, if they continue with their push for extension at today’s meeting in Abuja.


A source close to the President told The Nation that he was unhappy about the “seemingly rigid position” canvassed by a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) and a governor despite its implications for the party’s image.


However, the source added that the President acknowledged that “those canvassing for tenure elongation and those against the proposal are his loyal supporters.”


The source said: “This is the first time the President will intervene directly in party matters. He has always refrained from meddling in party matters. That is why he has never sponsored candidates for elections, either at the level of governorship or parliamentary.


But, he is not happy that lawyers in the ruling party were trying to create confusion.


“The President expected that the issue would die immediately he intervened by citing constitutional provisions on tenure renewal. His view is that, if he and his administration are championing the cause of the rule of law, his party should reinforce his belief by treading the path of due process.


“If those pushing the agenda for tenure elongation persist in their activities today, the President may have no option than to put his feet down.”


The source said, henceforth, the President will take a keen interest in the party’s affairs.


He added: “The President is aware of the division which the battle for tenure elongation has caused between the agitators and those resisting it. He has a plan to effectively reconcile the two groups before the commencement of congresses and the national convention.”



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