Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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N16bn NEMA fraud: Reps panel summons Osinbajo, Magu, others

When the day gives chance to the night, the city of the powerful and affluent comes alive with entertainment at the Almond Parks & Gardens or the bubbly City Gate, Jabi Lake Mall, shopping malls and Cinemas. For the upper and older class, many tend to join the tennis or polo clubs as a better way of passing the time as well as the Jabi boat club, not leaving out the Moscow Undergroud Club among others, a nestling ground for the young and old to mingle.


As the sun sets, the posh side of Abuja awakens. The lights are turned on, music volumes are turned up and bottles come out of their cabinets. It is time for citizens to unwind, relax and live a little as the Entertainment centres come alive. Moscowunderground, a nightclub which is giving a new dimension to nightlife is one of the popular destination for fun seekers.



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