Monday, September 20, 2021
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Lazy Nigerian Youths: Senator Bruce Blasts President Buhari Over Controversial Comment

Popular Nigerian Senator, Mr Ben Murray Bruce, from Bayelsa East has reacted to the recent remark by President Buhari where he described Nigerian youths as lazy.


It will be recalled that Buhari, while speaking at the Commonwealth Business Forum in London last week, had said most Nigerian youths want everything free without doing anything.


Faulting the remark, Bruce said Buhari forgot how those he called lazy youths voted for him during the last election.


In a statement, the business mogul said the president had delivered chains rather than his campaign promises.


He said, “Instead of finding out why young Nigerian professionals are migrating in droves to countries like Canada, President Buhari calls them lazy.


“The ironic thing is that many of them queued up for hours under hot Savannah sun to vote in a man who promised change but delivered chains!


“There is no way President Buhari, father of the Nigerian nation in every sense of the word, who equally has biological children of his own in the youths age bracket, pass a vote of no confidence on all youths. It can only exist in the imagination of those who play what the President has described as “irresponsible politics” with everything.


“President Buhari has always applauded and celebrated Nigerian youths who excel in different areas of endeavour, from sports, to academia, and other realms. And he will continue to do so, because he values the youths, and knows that they are the fulcrum on which the future of the country rests.


“Indeed, every country has its share of idle population, and it is the bounden duty of government at all levels, to create an enabling environment for them to actualize their potentials.


“It is futile for mischief makers to lie in wait, and take a minor part of the words of the President, and turn it into negative commentary, peradventure they could diminish the profile of the President.


“Nigerians across all walks of life know who is serving them faithfully and truly, and they will always reciprocate such fidelity as occasions demand.”



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