Thursday, September 23, 2021
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APC UK changes national pledge, says, ‘We pledge to Buhari‘

The United Kingdom chapter of the All Progressives Congress has renamed the national pledge as the PMB Pledge.


Instead of pledging allegiance to the Fatherland as the Constitution stipulates, the chapter transferred its allegiance to President Muhammadu Buhari.


And instead of personalising the oath of allegiance that the pledge represents, the chapter universalized it, using the pronouns ‘We,’ ‘Our,’ ‘Us.’


The national pledge is an oath of allegiance or a solemn promise to support the country and is usually recited after the national anthem.


However, APC UK chapter has renamed the pledge after Buhari, transferring their allegiance to him.


The information was contained in the chapter’s verified Twitter handle and it reads,



We pledge to @MBuhari our President

To be faithful loyal and honest

To support @MBuhari with all our strength

To defend his personality

And uphold his integrity and patriotism

So help us GOD

See the tweet below:




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