Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Lazy Nigerian Youths: the REAWAKENING by Ipinlaye Oluwakamiye

It’s no news that the president’s untoward statement is a trending topic on all social media platforms and has resulted in a huge ruckus amongst Nigerian citizens. Nothing is more degrading than a leader who speaks offensively condescending of his citizens, much more disappointing is one who has done little or nothing at all to make the standard of living better or allay the fears of foreigners regarding his country.

Interestingly, Africa has the largest growing population in the world, with Nigeria as one of the highly populated in the continent, it places its youths as a significant factor of any ramification or classification.


As youths, we are the ones the country depends on to function. For instance, if we take out the youths in the country, all we’ll have left are the aged and ailing; the group the president and some other leaders belong to, the other group will be the young, innocent children who deserve a fair chance at a better life and not living as refugees in their own country.


Moreover, one would think that in an international gathering, the president would be conscious to say the right things and would not have to need his aides and portfolios explaining his “blunder” to the nation. We all know now, that the government has failed us and “our leaders” have not led us well. This is evident in the country and of course on the international front.


Nevertheless, as youths we must maximise the timing, our potential and our number in order to build a nation we can be proud of. If we remain supporters and thugs of these big wigs and toothless bulldogs we’ll not just continue to suffer, we’ll suffer more and remain unheard. What we need at the moment is to gather momentum and unite ourselves, unlearn our folly and invest our strength in ourselves.


The 2019 election is looming, now is the perfect time to get ourselves ready and reclaim our country, we deserve the largest share of everything because we are the largest part of the population, because we are the ones making things work and the “leaders” are merely ceremonial. We have been denied basically all of our fundamental human rights, because somehow our money has been stolen from us to bribe us.


In conclusion, what they promised was a change, that was what we wanted too, but ours was a positive change and they have not delivered. The youths are the only ones capable of driving this nation, not back to its old “corruption glory” but forward to better things our “leaders” have not done, are not doing and to those better things they can but will not do.



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