Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Saudi Police kill terrorist who assassinated four security men

Saudi Police gunned down a terrorist, who killed four security men and resisted arrest, Saudi Press Agency reported on Monday.


According to the agency’s statement, the killed terrorist is a Saudi man, who attacked the police forces with a knife.


Security forces besieged the house of his parents and asked him to turn himself over.


He, however, refused and attacked security forces with a knife, which led to his death from injuries he sustained during the clashes.


In April, three police officers were shot dead in an attack at a security checkpoint in Asir, a city in the southwest of Saudi Arabia.


Another policeman died in crossfire while trying to arrest the attackers.


After the attack, the Interior Ministry said that the attackers had been identified while two Saudis were arrested.


The on-and-off attacks of security forces are common by a militant group and violent Shiite youths, who demanded more right in Saudi Arabia with majority Sunni population.



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