Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Video: Corruption in Ghana Football Authority

One begs to know the reason for the falling standard of football in Ghana as the Premier league has regressed in recent years most especially in terms of patronage and sponsorship. Corruption as pointed out by many officials is its biggest problem.


Corruption has had a very negative effect on the association so much so that local players hardly feature in the Black Stars call ups, not to mention the lack of trust and interest of the public.


From the numerous petitions to the Ghana Football Club by some club administration and down to the most recent case of a corruption documentary video that surfaced online.


The Chairman of the Ghana Football Association being compromised in which he talked about bribing the officials and the refreees of a fixed game to deceive people about betting for monetary gains. Although he claimed his innocence after his arrest and bail, it’s just an indication that the problem of corruption goes much deeper than previously thought.


However, there is the need for a concerted effort to tackle the unsavory and comprising manner sports especially football is covered in Ghana by the media.


A stakeholders meeting could also lead to the development of a framework for coverage of sports in Ghana. To achieve the much needed change is if there is a strong and united  pressure from people, most importantly sport lovers.


PS: Check out these videos by tigereyepi for more proof:



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