Friday, March 5, 2021
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APC Chieftain Slams Buhari Over Plan To Distribute Abacha Loot To Nigerians

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress has urged President Buhari to jettison the idea to share Abacha loot to Nigerians.


An All Progressives Congress, APC, chieftain in Bauchi state, Ali Ibrahim Ningi has cautioned President Muhammadu Buhari against plans by the government to disburse part of the Abacha loot to poor Nigerian households.


Speaking to Daily post, in an exclusive interview in Bauchi on Tuesday, Ningi said that it was unfortunate for the Federal Government to plan giving Nigerian households N5,000 out of the Abacha loot as a palliative measure against poverty and hunger.


He said, “Yes, I listened to the programme aired by international radio with shock if it’s true that the Federal Government has decided to give Nigerians N5,000 out of the Abacha loot.”


The politician maintained that the APC government of Buhari is clueless and without advisers to make it address the more meaningful needs of Nigerians.


“It’s expected that the Federal Government should channel the funds to education, health and the NPower programme apparently to cushion the adverse poverty among Nigerians as was the system during Buhari’s days as PTF boss where drugs were procured through the agency,” Ningi opined.


He cautioned the President not to allow himself be derailed by “corrupt presidential cabals”, stressing that any attempt to disburse the Abacha loot to Nigerians by the APC government would justify the weakness and incapability of the Buhari administration.


“Visit our education sector at all levels and received shocking conditions, same apply to the health sector with absence of drugs apart from youths who are now streets touts linked to poverty. As such, the Federal Government should kindly discard any ill-advised plan to disburse the Abacha loot to Nigerians just because of the 2019 elections,” Ningi added.



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