Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Style Fairy Launched Soho In Grand Style With Runway Show

Over the weekend, Style Fairy launched its debut fashion line called SOHO that showcased the beauty and cultural diversity of African women. Tagged the “SOHO RUNWAY SHOW” the event took place on the 30th of June 2018.


The highlight of the event was the Runway as the models stole the show with stunning outfits from the OSUNNI-EJE Collection. Each piece was tailored to comfortably fit into various event types using unique fabrics and was also targeted at catering for women of different age grades, sizes, religion and so on irrespective of their style.



Attendees of the showcase were fashion enthusiasts, socialites and investors from around the country. Participants and attendees were opportuned to explore business connections, networking opportunities and outright sales of fashion and style.



The Audience was very much impressed with the pieces from the collection and this was seen on the number of dresses that were sold and also the orders that were taken.



According to the event’s convener and founder of Style Fairy, “SOHO by StyleFairy is for every woman. Our fabrics are locally sourced & carefully selected. Our fashion pieces are passionately crafted to accentuate the feminity of all women. SOHO outfits are versatile in that you can own the design by dressing each piece up or down. They are unique pieces the contemporary woman would treasure”.


The SOHO Runway Show was a hub for professionals and enlightened persons to grasp a glimpse of the future of fashion and style for women in the African space. Industry analysts have predicted a possible rise in the future of fashion in Nigeria. With the creative ideas of the upcoming designers, dynamism to the growth of the Nigerian Fashion market is secured.



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