Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Buhari Campaign Spokesman Keyamo Reacts To Coalition Between PDP & R-APC

Spokesman of the Buhari 2019 Campaign organisation Mr. Festus Keyamo (SAN), has dismissed the coalition of almost 40 political parties to defeat President Buhari in 2019 as “pure deceit and a laughable desperation.”


He took to his tweeter account last night, saying: “Some political parties made up of just husbands and wives have signed an MOU with the PDP to form a ‘grand coalition’ against PMB in 2019.


“This is pure deceit. PDP has only succeeded in registering a few more members into its fold.


“It’s not a ‘grand coalition’. It’s just membership drive.


“Nobody is deceived: In 2013 four major parties with elected governors and parliamentarians fused into one whole.


“The comedy we are seeing now is that PDP has sucked in those ‘briefcase’ parties who are going to drop their identities and support a PDP candidate. It’s laughable desperation”


Faulting the way the coalition came into being, Keyamo said: “Let me remind Nigerians how grand coalitions are formed into one big party.


“They ought to hold their individual conventions; they have to dissolve their individual executive committees in a national convention. They have to pass a resolution in those national conventions to go into a merger.


“It’s only the national convention that can approve the merger of all of those 37 or so political parties. It is after the approval of those mergers that they can go into talks with other parties.


“So, what they have done, what has happened in Abuja today (yesterday) is a non-event. Nothing is going on because at the end of the day, what will happen is that the other parties are being deceived. They will finally field what is called a PDP candidate. There will be no other candidate. Is that what they want? Is that what the other parties want?”


Also, the coordinator of Buhari Support Group (BSG) Senator Abu Ibrahim, said “no coalition will stop Buhari”



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