Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Underage Tanker Driver Kills 2, Injures 7 In Niger

At least two persons have been confirmed killed and seven others critically injured after an underage driver of the overloaded fuel tanker lost control and ran into people’s property in Kwamba, Suleja local government area of Niger state, according to a report by NewTelegraph.


As a result, the Governor of Niger State, Alhaji Abubakar Sani-Bello has called for a national legislation that will regulate the maximum weight fuel tankers and articulated vehicles plying our roads should carry in order to reduce the carnage on highways and to preserve the lifespan of the roads.


He advocated for stiffer penalty for the owners of heavy-duty vehicles driven by underage drivers.


He made the passionate call at the weekend in Kwamba, Suleja after an on the spot assessment of the accident scene caused by the tanker.


The Governor who was told that the accident was caused by lost of control by an underage driver of the 45,000 liters tanker vehicle frowned at the increasing causality suffered on our highways due to accidents by overloaded trucks and underaged drivers.


“The fatality of accidents caused by overloaded trucks and articulated vehicles are becoming alarming. We have to put in a national legislation that will regulate and place a maximum load weight these trucks should carry on our highways. We need to sanitise our highways.


“We have been warning trailers of dangers of carrying an overload. It is high time we back these warning up with laws that will regulate and penalise offenders. I learnt this tanker carried over 45,000 liters.


“There is need to review and peg the number of fuel tankers and weight of cargoes trailers plying our roads should carry.


“I also understand that the yet to be found underage driver of the tanker lost control of it and ran into people’s property killing two people and injuring seven. This has further underscored the need for a law to penalise owners of vehicles driven by these kid drivers”.


The governor then directed the Chairman, Suleja Local Government Council, Hon. Abdullahi Maje to prevent tankers and articulated vehicles from plying through Suleja township roads in order to avoid disasters caused by trailers and tankers in the area.


“Henceforth, tankers and heavy duty trailers are to pass through Maje. They should not be allowed to pass through Suleja town again. We have to guide against sad incidence like this and reduce the risk our people are enclosed to”.


The governor also directed the council to take care of the injured persons.




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