Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Buhari Tells Igbos: I’ve Been Fair To You Despite Low Votes

President Muhammadu Buhari has taken a swipe at those criticising him for alleged marginalisation of the Igbos.


Buhari said despite getting low votes from Igbos in the south east during the 2015 elections, he had been fair to them.


He spoke during an interview aired on Arise TV on Monday.


The President had during the interview said if re-elected, it would not take a long time before he chose members of his cabinet.


“Somebody made an observation that I was not patronising the Igbo from the South East. I told him that when I won the election, I studied the amount of votes I got from all the geopolitical zones.


“I said I got 198,000 from the whole of the South East, which virtually any local government can give me. But I appointed ministers of foreign affairs, labour, industries, and investment, mines and tech; these four; I never knew them from Adam. Ministers of States from seven states of the north are under these ministers. How fair do you want me to be?” he added.



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