Friday, March 5, 2021
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Amaechi Speaks At APC Campaign: “I’m Also Hungry”


The Director General of the Buhari Campaign Organisation, Rotimi Amaechi, has told Nigerians complaining about hunger in the land that he himself is hungry.


He claimed that the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, under which he was a Speaker and Governor for 16 years, caused the hunger in the land by stealing money from the nation’s purse while in power.


Amaechi said this at the APC presidential campaign rally held in Bauchi on Saturday.


He urged Nigerians to demand that the PDP return the nation’s stolen money.


The former Rivers State governor also claimed that PDP was broke and hungry.


He said that was why the party wanted to return to power by all means.


Amaechi said, “I was speaking to my friend from the other divide and he said you are hungry, I said ‘yes, if they did not steal the money they stole, you would have had enough food.’


“The money they stole is what is making me hungry. Tell them, to bring the money.


“The PDP stole $2bn to prosecute 2015 elections but we still defeated them. They are broke, they are hungry and they want to come back to steal.


“The PDP members know that they are broke and because of that, they are looking for cheap source of funds.


“When they say there is no food, they want to steal money and they cannot do that because the President has said that public money is not for any individual.”



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