Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Candidates who boycotted presidential debate not ready, says Moghalu

Moghalu, who spoke at the unveiling of the new-look Nigerian Tribune in Lagos on Tuesday, said he was prepared to be the president of the country, adding that he had plans that would help the country.


He said, “As we go into the elections, I would like to remind us of those who are prepared and those who are not, the most important people who are not prepared to rule Nigeria are those who refused or chickened out of the presidential debate.


“Any presidential candidate who was invited to the official debate and chose not to show up or saw Kingsley Moghalu on the stage and decided to do a U-turn, that person is not fit to be president.


“It is not by accident that I’m running for president, I thought very carefully before coming out, I wrote a book called Build, Innovate and Grow in which I stated my comprehensive vision for this country. I want to say that I’m prepared to serve this country so nobody will say of me that I came by accident or unprepared.”


The African Newspaper of Nigeria Plc, publishers of the Nigerian Tribune, used the event to celebrate its 70th anniversary.


According to the company’s chairman, Tokunbo Awolowo, the new-look Nigerian Tribune was aimed at attracting readers.




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