Thursday, April 22, 2021
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How Offa Robbery Was Used To Blackmail, Defeat Saraki

The strong man of Kwara politics has suffered a shocking defeat. Former governor of Kwara state and two-time PDP presidential aspirant, Senate President Bukola Saraki’s defeat is the biggest news so far in the 2019 general election.


Here’s one major factor that may have affected Saraki;



On April 5, 2018, armed robbers attacked banks in Offa, Kwara state, killing 33 people, including pregnant women and 12 police officers. It later emerged that some of the suspects had links to Saraki and the Kwara state government. This created a major PR disaster for Saraki as he became publicly involved in a spat with the police hierarchy.

Saraki did all he could to distance himself from the Offa saga, but the APC with the machinery of government forces kept pushing the narrative that Saraki has link with the robbers, thereby hurting him badly in the state’s political configurati



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