Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Deborah Longe: 18-year-old Nigerian-British born to contest for MP in UK

– Deborah Longe, an 18-year-old Nigerian-British is contesting for the parliament in the UK under the party of Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA)

– Presently a student of law in University of Durham, she said if elected she will be giving huge support to the black communities

– Among the aims of CPA are the supports for s*ex education, Brexit, and the call for referendum 5 years after the UK has left Europe

Nigerians keep raising the bar of greatness in almost every walk of life. An 18-year-old Nigerian British born Deborah Longe, a student of law in University of Durham, is contesting as MP in Walthamstow constituency.

Speaking during one of her campaigns, she said her election will help her to fulfill her dream to support the black communities.

Her campaign speech has been praised, especially from blacks who she predominantly stands for.

She is contesting under the Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA), whose main aim is to uphold marital institution and help reduce the number of abortions.

Among other agendas of the CPA is to support Brexit and then call for a referendum five years later in the bid to bring the country together.

Longe’s party will also be teaching s*ex without restriction and the inclusion of transgenderism in schools.

The party also called for financial support, saying donations will go into the production of campaign materials.

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